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"Kimberly did a great job identifying our need for better project and portfolio management to address issues of resource conflict and capacity."

Kary Hagen - Director Master Studio

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Using Project ManagementDMAIC Methodology 

ADKAR Change Management Principles

PLE Learning Methodology

Project Management:   Ensures your project management is designed, developed and delivered with measurable and sustainable results.

Change Management:  Creating project solutions that are effectively embraced, adopted, implemented, maintained and used.

Develop Personal Leadership Effectiveness (PLE):   Developing  leaders in your organization to guide their teams with skill and behavior data that will effectively motivate and engage employees. Quality leadership leads to effective team management which ultimately optimizes a motivated work environment.

Process Improvement/Redesign:  System that can transition from current state problems/issues to a optimal desired state to meet your Organizations goals. Why enlist a consultant?  Often people working "in" the process do not  have the skill set needed to work "on" the process when solving problems.  Let our experienced professional assist your organization and/or department process improvement efforts. Without a true understanding of what the process is, even managers can sometime miss root causes. Most people are guilty of assuming their perspective is the only perspective working with a 'silo' mentality.  A consultant can come along side to engage with a thorough process review and objectively bring solutions to your team and work groups as a whole.

Documentation SOP, Training, Job Aids:  Design and develop standard documents with clear instructions to empower teams to understand work, process flow, authority structure and expectations for their job function that has a communication and management plan to achieve effective sustainable outcomes.

Maximize Team Dynamics: ​ Team Dynamics assessment is an interactive process and graphic analysis providing insight for each employee to ensure they are aligned with the organizations mission and values.  It identifies key character competency strengths and behavior traits that gives insight to better work together focusing on the strengths of individuals and being aware of areas of development.  This information becomes vitally important to managers as they engage employees to optimizing the strengths of the team and how each team members relate with others in the work environment.  These important factors impact the overall performance, productivity and profitability for an Organization.  

Manager Development Benefits:   Behavior or 'soft skills' is the #1 issue in work performance. Team Dynamics reporting gives your leaders a 'leg up' to not only address behavioral issues but put in place a development plan for employees who struggle in this area.  The MERIT Profile Assessment equips managers with important data to lead and develop employees to ensure that they aligned to the mission objectives of the Organization.  As managers build a "coaching environment" they become more effective sponsors to help employees embrace shifts and Organizational changes.

Consulting Services

The commitment to be our best, combined with the right leadership, improvement tools, and methodology 

will yield a life that has been positively transformed to make a maximum contribution.

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Talent Acquisition

Our proprietary MERIT Profile Assessment and Recruitment Report can empower your Hiring professionals to learn more about a candidate to ensure you are hiring the right candidate for the job opportunity. 

Talent Acquisition Video 

Employee Development - Individual/Team

Our proprietary MERIT Profile Assessment  is a valuable data  instrument has been specifically designed to assess specific constructs of Character Competencies and Behavior Traits to give employees and managers an overview of a persons strengths and development areas to ensure each team member is aligned with team and organizational objectives. 

Mission Development and Alignment - Leadership

Our Values Mapping methodology compares organizational values with the Character Competency needed to support the mission objectives.  The Mapping Analysis Report can then be utilized to guide operations, business decisions and process efforts to ensure the right people are hired and employees have clear direction for their work efforts.

Creating a Healthy Work Culture - Leadership/Manager

For CEO's and Executives who desire a "Report Card" on how well they are leading from the employees perspective, our Human Capital Screening Report gives results between Toxic and Positive outcomes that identifies the effectiveness of Quality Leadership, Effective Teams, and Motivated Work Environment 

Establishing a Healthy Work Environment 

will impact bottom-line results.

Developing Effective Teams - Manager

Our proprietary Team Assessment Methodology provides your managers and Leadership Teams with Quantifiable data that can be used in identifying the Leadership Strengths, Development Needs and GAP Areas.

Workshops - Leadership/Manager/Employee

1-Day and 2-Day Workshops are focused on developing Personal Leadership Effectiveness to help individuals gain valuable insights, knowledge and wisdom regarding their 10-core Character Competencies and four Behavior Traits.  Building a culture of effective leaders will enable people to lead more effectively in their individual role and improve team dynamics that ultimately will impact bottom-line results.  "Workshop details below"

A focus on Personal Leadership Effectiveness should be at the foundation of every organizational culture, whether the organization is sales-driven, innovation-driven or customer service-driven.

The foundational "success factor" that will enhanced your overall vision, mission and purpose is to truly understand that every executive's, manager's and employee's PLE is rooted in their Character and Behavior Traits, which must be assessed, developed and integrated into the organizations business objectives.


The Vine Solution Consulting can help your organization identify and eliminate waste 

and lost productivity while optimizing your organizations business objectives.  

Our Integrated Solutions increases communication, performance, and productivity for leadership, management and staff

by defining clear business objectives, building comprehensive process workflow, and developing teams that optimize 

bottom line results.  Our commitment is to support our clients with the best possible solutions.  

Connect with us today to discuss how we can help to develop the right solution to meet your organizational needs.


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Employee PLE Workshop

Attendees will learn valuable information using our PLE Learning Methodology and how their Personal Leadership Effectiveness impact their Professional Leadership Effectiveness in the workplace and how Character Competencies impact their performance, productively, team efficiency and the bottom-line results of the Organization.

Manager DAL Workshop

Recommended for Leaders/Managers:

Attendees will be introduced to our Developing Authentic Leaders DAL Training, how to be a Mentor Coaching in the workplace, how Behavior Competencies and Behavior Traits impact Team Dynamics, how to utilize the Development Report to effectively manage their direct reports, and develop strategic goals that aligned with the Vision, Mission and Purpose of the Organization.

What customers are saying...

Kimberly has a great sense of foresight and anticipation of problems and implications. She did a great job identifying our need for better project and portfolio management to address issues of resource conflict and capacity. She was an essential consultant in the set-up of our current Project Management Office. As a Director I have learned a great deal from Kimberly related to effective planning, strategic thinking, caring for staff, knowing the staff, the importance of training and leading vs. pushing. I would highly recommend Kimberly Hooper for any role involving leadership, managing, development or coaching where these skills and gifting are needed.

Kary Hagen Director-Post Production Department JESUS Film Project

What customers are saying

Kimberly is an expert, seasoned speaker whose skill in reaching and touching her audience is notably advanced and effective. However her most priceless trait as a speaker and leader isn't her skill, it is her authentic heart and passion for inspiring and helping people. When you couple advanced speaking skill with uncommon passion and heart, you get a tremendous asset to any event or training. I highly recommend Kimberly Hooper for your next event or training.

Dr. Samantha Phillips

What our customers are saying

Kimberly has a passion for excellence.  Under my leadership she managed a complex database, proactively developed our information management system for recordings and created detailed instructional manuals for teams to follow.  She successfully trained our staff individually, in groups and departmentally which supported the ongoing efforts of our ministry.  Kimberly managed the Logistical Support Team who accurately and efficiently met the objectives of our project deliverables.   Kimberly is able to set clear direction for teams and empower them to be intentional and self-directing in their responsibilities.  She is a gifted trainer, manager and communicator and handles herself with poise and professionalism.

Scott Pendleton - Chief of Staff JESUS Film Project

What our customers are saying

Kimberly is an amazing woman of many talents who recently presented a training program to my audience. She was prepared, articulate and her content was excellent. I had previously been a leadership coaching client of Kimberly's and I can highly recommend her as a personal or corporate growth and development expert

Marnie Swedberg

Global Mobilizer of Women in Leadership