The Vine Solution

"Maximizing Workforce Contribution"

Nine out of Ten Organizations Fail to Execute Strategy - We can help!

- Do you need help developing your Vision, Mission and Core Values in such a way that they practically integrate into your Work Groups?

- Do you have a "desired state" for your organization and need advice how to make the transition from your "as is state"?

- Do you need assistance in reviewing your process flow to ensure you are efficiently and effectively utilizing your resources?

- Do you have Standard Operational Procedures, Guidelines, Training and Job Aids formalized for optimum organizational performance?

- Do you have the right people in the right seat?

Planning        Strategy        Integrated Solutions         Talent Aquisition         Program Management        


UNDERSTAND the need to change/transform and the current state

SET GOALS based on current performance metrics to achieve future state

DETERMINE optimum solutions based on data & information

IMPLEMENT SOLUTIONS and develop skills required for future state

SUSTAIN improvements, behaviors, skills, roles and outputs of new state


Utilizing DAMIC Methodology and ADKAR Organizational Change Management Principles, PLE Learning Methodology, and Process Improvement expertise, The Vine Solution can assist you to establish and develop your organizational objectives as well as enlist, empower and engage your workforce for ongoing sustainability.


Gathering Important Human Capital Intelligence is CRITICAL to Developing your employees.