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"Maximizing Workforce Contribution"

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The Character Competency and Behavior Traits of every Executive, Manager, Supervisor and Employee impacts Organizational Culture at all levels.


Hiring a person based upon only their education, job skills, work experience and personality can lead to a costly mistake.


Hiring and developing the right people that align with the Vision, Mission, Purpose and Core Values of an Organization is critical.


Employee retention is improved when each employee is valued, respected, and engaged as part of the Organization.

Our relevant and timely Business Solutions help Organizations to improve leadership skills, 

define their Human Capital strategic plan to become more efficient in their core operations.

Hire the Right People.

Develop the Right People.

Retain the Right People.

It is character competency not critical race theory  that will determine an employee's

performance, quality of work, and healthy work relationships

 to  support your organizations business objective.

  • Every PERSON impacts, in a positive or negative way, the Vision, Mission, and Purpose of an Organization
  • Every PERSON impacts the desired Culture of the Organization as well as its overall Performance, Productivity, Team Efficiency, and Bottom Line Results
  • Every PERSON impacts an Organization’s overall Operational Efficiencies, Risks and Liabilities, and Net Operating Income

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We are in the business of connecting the success of your people to the success of your business.

Our proprietary assessments, learning platform and methodology provides Organizations with the added benefit of gathering important data and diagnostics that can be utilized in their Human Capital Decisions to support the business objectives of their Organization.

...a few benefits of our PLE Learning Methodology

- Structured approach for developing leaders

- Assess individual character competencies and behavior traits

- Create a "Common Language" in workforce

- Aligning employees and business objectives to the Vision, Mission and Values of the Organization

- Ensure teams are working in their strengths, developing weak areas and identify gaps for optimal performance

Character and Behavior are the “foundation” to an Individual’s…Personal Leadership Effectiveness™ PLE and has an impact on their Performance, Productivity, Team Efficiency and Bottom-Line Results.

Maximizing Workforce Contribution

Improving the Predictability of Your Human Capital Decisions

MERIT Profile Showcase

A Relevant and Timely Assessment Tool that Proficiently Assesses Character Competency and Behavior Traits